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“Dear Customers, Please don't share with any one details of your Account/Debit Card / Internet  Banking / Mobile Banking  / password/ Pin numbers/ OTP/ email-id . The e-mails /calls / SMS asking such information are fraudulent and  are never  from Bank / RBI / Income Tax / Police Authorities /Call Centre. In case of any of these suspected activities, please change your Passwords / PIN immediately . Bank does not incur any liability for the same.” 


The PNB Debit Card is essentially an on-line product. It bears the Master/ RuPay logo on the front. Master logo card is accepted in India and all over the world at all MasterCard enabled ATMs and Merchant Establishments with POS machines and also over the internet for ecommerce transactions.

The card having RuPay Logo is accepted in India at all ATMs and selected PoS. The same shall be available for transactions over internet shortly.


1. Classic Debit Card (Magastripe): 
  • This is the most popular Debt Card for Saving Account Holders.
  • Classic Debit card can be issued in the personalized and non-personalized forms.
  • In Non – Personalized cards name of the customer is not indented on the card.
  • Personalized cards have the name of the customer indented on the card.
  • This card has a daily cash withdrawal limits of Rs.25000/- with per transaction limit of Rs.15000/-. A separate daily limit of Rs. 60,000/- is available for POS + ecommerce transactions. For cross border transactions overall limit for ATM, PoS & E-Com transactions is $500 per day.
  • This card can be used for transfer of funds from one account to another PNB accounts. In case of transfer in own account there is no limit but in case of third party transfer the maximum limit is equal to cash withdrawal limit.
  • It is a PIN based card that can be used at POS terminals (i.e. swipe the card at POS terminal and authenticate the transaction through your PIN).
  • The card can also be used over the Internet for shopping (E-commerce transactions). As per norms, a Debit Card has to be registered for 3 D Secure password before it can be used for e-commerce transactions.
  • Two accounts can be linked with principal account. But linked account can be accessible on PNB ATMs only.
2. Platinum Debit Card (Magastripe):
  • This Debit Card is meant for Premium Customers.
  • Apart from having all the characteristics of the PNB Classic Cards as above, the Platinum Debit Card carries the following additional features:
  •  It can also be issued with the Photograph of the card holder.
  • The Per Day withdrawal limit for Platinum Cards is:
    • At ATM - Rs. 50000/-
    • At POS / for e-commerce - Rs. 1,25,000/-
    • For cross border transactions overall limit for ATM,
    • PoS & E-Com transactions is $500 per day.
  • Holders of PNB Classic & Platinum Debit Cards can opt for up to two ADD ON Cards along with their own Card for sharing this convenience with their close family members such as spouse, dependent parents, or dependent children not below 18 years of age.
  • The primary cardholder will be responsible for all the transactions made by Add On Card holder/s.
  • This facility is available at all PNB branches.
3. MITRA ATM Card:
  • MITRA ATM card is meant for Mitra Account holder as well as other Account holders who wish to opt for it.
  • This card is meant for use at PNB ATMs only, carries no charges.
  • Mitra card is a Non-Personalized ATM card, which is also available in the Biometric variant.
  • The daily cash withdrawal limit of this card is Rs. 5000/-.
  • This card is not meant to be used for POS/Internet transactions.

 4. RuPay Debit & Kisan Card : -

  • This RuPay card is magnetic strip card.
  • This Rupay enabled debit card can be used only in India.
  • Cash withdrawal is through all the RuPay enabled ATMs only.
  • Card can be used at selected RuPay enabled  PoS terminals.
  • Card and PIN both are required at ATM and PoS terminals for operation of the card.
  • RuPay Kisan can be issued to KCC account holders only.
  • Can be used for :
       a. Cash Withdrawals at ATMs: Upto Rs. 25,000/- per day with per transaction limit of Rs.15000/-
          b.  POS Transactions: Upto Rs. 60,000/- per day.


Who are eligible for PNB Debit card

  • All KYC compliant saving and Current Account holders who maintain the minimum balance and who regularly operate their account are eligible for a PNB Debit Card.
  • New customers are eligible for a PNB Debit Card at the time of opening the account.
  • Debit cards are also issued to individual customers having an overdraft facility, which is in the nature of a personal loan. This shall mean and include personal loans extended to individual customers in the form of a regular overdraft limit such as clean overdraft facility or overdraft facility against FD/NSCs/LICs etc. where operations through cheques are permitted.
  • Debit Card can be issued in Joint Accounts with “Either or Survivor”/”Former or Survivor” mandate. In “Either or Survivor” accounts, Cards can be issued to both the account holders whereas in “Former or Survivor” accounts card can be issued only to the Former. In joint Accounts where account has to be jointly operated Debit Card shall not be issued unless mandate for operation of account specifies “Either or Survivor” or “Former or Survivor”.
  • Kissan Cash Credit account holders are eligible for Kissan Cards.


  • Personalised Debit card can be obtained from any branch of PNB  by filling a Debit Card application form.
  • In case of Non-Personalized card (without name/ photo) the card is issued immediately by branch.
  • In case of a personalized card (with name/ photo) the card can be made available after 7-10 days.
  • Eligible customers having no debit card in the account can apply through SMS ( DEBCARD<16 DIGIT A/C NUMBER>) at 5607040 by their registered mobile No.

A few aspects of Bank’s Debit Card are highlighted as under:

  • Valid at all Master Card Acceptance Marks.
  • Acceptance in India at all “Maestro” Merchant locations and ATMs having Cirrus Logo and “Master Card”.
  • ATM & PoS transactions are PIN (Personal Identification Number) based. The PIN can be changed by the cardholder as per his convenience.
  • It is reiterated that for ecommerce transactions a PNB Debit Card must have 3D secure code.

Important Points to ensure safe usage of your PNB Debit Card:

  • Immediately on receipt of the Debit Card, Please put your Signature on the space provided on the Back of the Card. This would help you in identifying your Debit Card.

  • PIN Numbers should never be disclosed to anybody. Do not punch your PIN number at ATMs, in the presence of other persons.

  • Please change your PIN when you start using your Card.

  • Please ensure that unauthorized persons are not present in the vicinity of the ATM, when you make your transactions. 

  • Please do not hand over your Debit Cards / share your PIN number with unknown persons even to seek help, as this could lead to fraudulent transaction from your account.

  • While hot listing your Debit card, after completion of the process, please ensure that the concerned Card is destroyed by cutting it into pieces, to avoid misuse.

  • For further information/clarification, please go through the Debit card user manual or seek guidance from the Customer Care Center.

  • Customer should prefer to transact international transactions through PNB international Debit card ( Chip based card) in place of magastripe cards.



     1.      PNB UPHAAR CARD

  • PNB Uphaar is a versatile card in collaboration with MasterCard, that can be used at Point of Sale (POS) Terminals, and can also be used for e-commerce transactions.
  • PNB Uphaar can be purchased for a minimum of Rs.500/- and a maximum of Rs.50,000/-.
  • It is ideal as a gift, both for individuals as well as Corporates.
  • PNB Uphaar can be purchased by existing customers and others from PNB branches.
  • The card is issued free of charge and would be valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Features of the PNB Uphaar Card:

  • Can be purchased by Account holders and others.
  • Minimum amount Rs. 500/-
  • Maximum amount Rs. 50000/-
  • Is enabled for use at POS Terminals and E-Commerce
  • Daily usage limit up to Rs. 25000/-
  • The PNB Uphaar Card would be issued and used only as a Gift card.
  • PNB Uphaar will not have the facility of cash withdrawals.
  • Validity of PNB Uphaar Card would be restricted to one year from the date of issuance of the card.
  • The PNB Uphaar Card cannot be reloaded.




·         Bank has introduced the PNB Suvidha Pre-Paid Cards as   one of its’ innovative products that is secure, easy to carry and versatile.

·         This Prepaid Card is aimed at Bank’s own customers as well as customers of other Banks, who wish to use a multipurpose Card that encompasses all the functionalities of a Premium Debit Card.

      Features of PNB Suvidha Card:

1.      PNB Suvidha Prepaid Card can be used:

  • At ATMs for 24 * 7 Cash Withdrawal
  • At POS outlets for making purchases
  • Over the internet for e-commerce transactions etc.

2.      PNB Suvidha Cards are valid for a period of three years from the date of their issuance.

3.      The PNB Suvidha Prepaid Card is aimed at the following two segments:

 ·     Individual Card holders who wish to transact through a Prepaid

 ·  Corporate Customers who can procure these cards to make periodic payments to their employees / vendors.

4.     Minimum amount Rs. 500/-

5.    Maximum amount Rs. 50000/-

6.      Enabled for use at POS Terminals and E-Commerce

7.    Daily usage limit up to Rs. 25000/- separately for ATM as well as POS +  E-commerce transactions.

8.   PNB Suvidha Card may be reloaded by the purchaser through  transfer from a KYC compliant  PNB account  or by  payment by cheque at any branch of the Bank. However reloading through cheque would be subject to realization.

9.    PNB Suvidha will have the facility of cash withdrawals through ATMs.

10.  Validity of PNB Suvidha Card is of 36 months from the date of issuance of the card.

11.  The PNB Suvidha Card will have facility for fund transfer through PNB ATMs from PNB to PNB accounts.



"Monetary compensation Scheme for the Family of Active PNB Debit Card Users, Incase Of Their Accidental Death"


Bank had introduced Monetary Compensation Scheme For the Family Of Active PNB Debit Card Users, In Case Of  Accidental Death in w.e.f 19.10.2011. The scheme is valid till 31.03.2016 . The type of PNB ATM / Debit Card holders covered under the scheme are as under:


Type of Card Compensation per Cardholder
ALL Types of Platinum Cards including Platinum Debit Card

Rs.2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lacs)

Classic / Maestro Debit Card / KISAN Debit Card

Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousands)

PNB Mitra ATM Cards

Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousands)

*Rakshak Classic Debit Card- For person below officer rank

Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lacs)

*Rakshak Platinum Debit Card for Lt Captains, Majors, Lt Cols, Cols, Brigadiers & above

Rs. 5,00,000/- (Rupees Five Lacs)

The Salient Features and Mode of Settlement of Claims in respect of Master Cards and RuPay Cards under the Scheme is given below :

MASTER DEBIT CARDS : Under this Scheme, in case of the accidental death of an Active ATM/Debit Card Holder, the family member(s) / beneficiary of the deceased cardholder must approach the base branch within 60 days of the death of the Cardholder, and submit an application for payment of compensation to the base branch. However, only accidents that occur within the geographical territory of India would be considered. It is clarified that if a customer holds multiple accounts with multiple cards at same branch or  at  different branches  in Punjab National Bank, he will be entitled to Accidental claim for one Active Debit Card only. The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Copy of FIR / Police Report with details of the accident stating the location, date and cause,
  2. Medical Report / Post Mortem Report / Police Panchnama,
  3. Copy of the death certificate issued by concerned hospital / medical attendant
  4. Copy of driving license in case the insured person was driving at the time of the accident.

On  receipt of  application at the base branch following actions  are  to be taken at different levels:

  1. The base branch shall  ascertain the  cardholder  was  an  active  card holder i.e done financial  transaction through debit card with in 45  days prior to date of accident ,  scrutinize that all the documents submitted are as per Bank’s requirement. Then  it shall submit to Circle Office with in 7 working days complete proposal  accompanied  with  copies of the entire set  of documents along with its  own  recommendations  and the certificate that the concerned  card holder is eligible to be considered for compensation under the scheme.
  2. The officials at Circle office (not less than Chief Manager), after vetting the required documents submitted by the branch should send only eligible claim cases to HO: TBD.
  3. All claims which are not eligible, to be rejected at Circle level and not be submitted to TBD: HO.
  4. On approval HO:TBD  would  credit  the  amount of Compensation into the non-customer  account  of  the  base branch of the deceased cardholder. The concerned branch along-with the concerned Circle office would be advised accordingly by TBD:HO  through  e-mail.
  5. The base branch will then make payment to the legal heirs of customer as per Bank rules. 

To obtain the Application Form for the settlement for PNB Debit Cardholder, Click here

RuPay Debit card:  RuPay Debit card claim will be settled in terms of extant guidelines of NPCI wef 01.11.2014(The date of Loss). Applicant/Claimants will be eligible for Rs 1 Lac for accidental death or permanent disablement in case of RuPay Classic cards and Rs 2 Lac in case of RuPay Platinum card. The salient features and mode of settlement of RuPay card claim are as under:


1.1 All Rupay card holders ie RuPay Debit, RuPay Kissan (KCC) and RuPay prepaid-Classic and Platinum will be eligible for the benefit under the insurance programme.

1.2 Facility is available to the RuPay cardholders who have performed minimum one successful financial or non-financial transaction at any Channel ie ATM/Micro ATM/POS/ e-Com in last 45 days prior to incident.

1.3 Eligible transaction conducted in both On-Us & Off-Us environment will be eligible for the benefit of the insurance programme.

1.4 RuPay card holders will be eligible for the compensation on only one eligible RuPay card per card holder or per customer even if multiple cards of different banks are meeting the eligibility criteria. The choice of the card for the claim would rest with the customer.

1.5 Compensation of insurance benefit will be made to the eligible beneficiary on submission of complete documentation prescribed under “procedure for claim”. The claim will need to be submitted by the card issuing entity (Branch), at the request of eligible beneficiary, directly to the Insurance Company. While filing insurance claim at the request of beneficiary, RuPay card issuing entity (Branch) should ensure that applicant is bonafide beneficiary as per the law of land.

1.6 Personal Accident insurance is open to everyone from the age of 18 years to 65 years. It may be noted that age below 18 and beyond 65 year will not be eligible.

2. Claim Payment

Once the claim is approved the payment in the form of NEFT shall be done to the card holder beneficiary along with a covering letter.

3. Document check list :

3A:          Accidental Death Claim: –
A.1          Duly filled and signed claim form
A.2          FIR copy
A.3          Post mortem report
A.4          “Cause of Death” certificate from treating doctor
A.5          Death Certificate – issued by a municipal authority
A.6          Viscera report (If done)
A.7          Passport, Pan card, Aadhaar card, address proof (KYC documents)
A.8          Copy of the RuPay card / Declaration from Bank on letter head with sign and stamp
A.9          Switch Log / Core Banking System screenshot from Bank for Transaction verification
A.10        Declaration from Bank for nominee including NEFT details with sign and stamp (in case nominee is available) / legal heir certificate or any other document in discussion with claimant as a proof (in case nominee not available with bank)

3B.           Permanent Disability Claim:
B.1           Duly filled and signed claim form
B.2           FIR copy
B.3           Disability certificate from treating doctor / Government hospital
B.4           Hospital Indoor case paper
B.5           Full size photo of insured with disable / Amputed limb
B.6           Passport, Pan Card, Aadhaar card, address proof (KYC documents)
B.7           Copy of the RuPay card / Declaration from Bank on letter head with sign and stamp
B.8           Switch Log / Core Banking System screenshot from Bank for Transaction Verification


PNB Rewardz Scheme :


PNB Rewardz is the loyalty program for Punjab National Bank Debit Card holders. As a Punjab National Bank Debit Card holder, you get reward points for using your Debit Card during all purchases. These accumulated points can be redeemed at or call 1 860 108 3334 for a host of free products and services.

Register now and start a rewarding journey!
As a Punjab National Bank Debit Card holder, you are automatically enrolled as a member of this program and earn reward points whenever you use your debit card for purchases.

However, to start with the process of redemption for fabulous gifts and services, you need to register at or call 1 860 108 3334.


Earn Points:
Use your Punjab National Bank Debit Card & earn 1 point for every Rs. 100 purchases on PoS & E-Com :

  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Booking Tickets
  • Filling Fuel
  • Paying Utility Bills Online & more 

Max Get More:
Max Get More is a merchant partner network that offers additional reward points to members of the PNB Rewardz program. The additional point offerings are made to members for shopping at Max Get More partner outlets with their Punjab National Bank Debit Cards.

  • Max Get More consists of merchant partners across categories such as jewellery, electronics, apparel, online merchants ,etc.
  • Get 2, 3 or 4 points in addition to the regular points for every Rs. 100 spent
  • Points can also be used to pay for purchases  &  avail discounts at Max Get More partner outlets
  • To locate partner stores visit

Redeem Points:
Redeem your points for a host of free products and services:

  • Merchandise
  • Movie Tickets
  • Bus Tickets
  • Flight Tickets

To register & redeem your points, visit or call 1 860 108 3334 (Mon to Sat from 9 AM to 9 PM and on Sunday 9 AM to 6 PM)


The charges applicable to Debit Cards are as under:

Sr.No. Particulars of Charges Charges
1 ATM/Debit Card Issue Charges Free
2 Cost of International Debit Card ( Chip Based Debit Card) Rs.100/-
2 Debit Card Annual Fee (from the second year onwards)  Rs.100/- + S.T.
3 Charges for issuance of Add on Card
Rs. 50/-
4 Charges for issuance of Duplicate Pin. However, in case the earlier PIN has not been used due to error in Printing, issue of Duplicate PIN shall be free) Rs. 25/-
5 Charges for Issuuance of Duplicate ATM/Debit Card/Replacement of ATM/Debit Card Rs. 100/-
6 Issue of ATM/Debit Card with photograph of Cardholder
Rs. 25/-

Mark Up Charges for each POSP transaction at Petrol Pumps, Restaurants and for Railway Bookings, etc. 


(i)Mark up charges for each POSP/Ecommerce  transaction done by Rupay debit card holders at Petrol Pumps and for Railway bookings etc @2.5%+ Service Tax subject to minimum of Rs. 10/- (w.e.f. 15.03.2014)


ii) Mark up charges for each POSP/Ecommerce transaction done by debit card holders at Restaurant – actual claimed by the acquirer Bank through RGCS.  (w.e.f. 15.03.2014)

@2.5% + Service Tax subject to minimum of Rs. 10/-


8* ATM Access fee / charge for making international acquirer transactions at our ATMS Rs. 150/- per transaction

  *For Sr. No. 8 charges are effective w.e.f. 14.07.2013


Ø  For PNB Cardholders, Cash Withdrawal and Balance Inquiry transactions on PNB networked ATMs are free.


Ø     PNB Cardholders attached to Saving Bank accounts may make five transactions(Financial & Non-Financial) at ATMs of other banks free of cost in every calendar month. Other transactions will attract charges of Rs. 20 for financial transactions and Rs. 9 for Non-Financial Transactions respectively at other Bank ATMs.


Ø       Any no. of POS / ecommerce transactions are also free except No. 7 & 8.


Ø    The charges for International transactions at ATMs are as follows:


Cash Withdrawal Rs. 150/- per transaction.
Non-financial Transaction

Rs. 30/- per transaction


Ø  The charges for International ATM transactions in Nepal under Everest Bank Ltd. Sharing arrangement are as follows:


Cash Withdrawal Rs. 50/- per transaction
Balance Enquiry

Rs. 15/- per transaction


Ø  The charges for International ATM transactions in Bhutan under Druk PNB Ltd. (DPL) Sharing arrangement are as follows:


Cash Withdrawal Rs. 6/- per transaction.
Balance Enquiry





1. Complaints lodged against failed ATM transactions will be resolved within 7 working days of receipt of complaints.

2.   For delayed resolution, compensation of Rs.100 per day will be paid if claim  is lodged within 30 days of the date of transaction.

3.  All such complaints be lodged at our Customer Relationship Centre by calling # 0120-2490000 and ( Toll Free)18001802222; 1800 103 2222.




ATM Sharing Arrangements
Bank has sharing arrangement with various Banks under different ATM Sharing Networks viz. NFS, MasterCard, EBL and DPL.
National Financial Switch (NFS) ATM Sharing Arrangement:

PNB has an ATM sharing arrangement with all members bank of NPCI.

The list of member banks under this arrangement:

1. Allahabad Bank
2. Andhra Bank
3. Axis Bank
4. Bank of Baroda
5. Bank of India
6. Bank of Maharashtra
7. Canara Bank
8. Catholic Syrian Bank
9. Central Bank of India
10. City Union Bank
11. Corporation Bank
12. Cosmos Cooperative Bank
13. Dena Bank
14. Development Credit Bank
15. Dhanalakshmi Bank
16. HDFC Bank
17. ICICI Bank
18. IDBI Bank
19. Indian Bank
20. Indian Overseas Bank
21. IndusInd Bank
22. Jammu and Kashmir Bank
23. Karnataka Bank
24. Karur Vysya Bank
25. Lakshmi Vilas Bank
26. Oriental Bank of Commerce
27. Punjab National Bank
28. South Indian Bank
29. Standard Chartered Bank
30. State Bank of India
31. Syndicate Bank
32. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
33. UCO Bank
34. Union Bank of India
35. United Bank of India
36. Vijaya Bank
37. Yes Bank Ltd.
38. Kotak Mahindra Bank
39. Barclays Bank
40. Ratnakar Bank
41. Punjab & Sind Bank
42. NCCB

PNB-EBL (Everest Bank Ltd) ATM Sharing Arrangement:

PNB will charge Indian Rupees 50.00 only for cash withdrawal and Rs. 15.00 for Balance Enquiry from our customers for making ATM transactions in EBL's ATM network in Nepal.

The list of member banks in Nepal under this arrangement is as follows:

1 Everest Bank Ltd.
2 Citizen Bank
3 Prime Commercial Bank
4 National Industrial & Commercial Bank
5 Sanima Bikash Bank Ltd
6 Clean Energy Development Bank
7 Jyoti Bikash Bank
8 Bank of Asia Nepal
9 Nepal Bank Ltd
10 Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank
11 Siddhartha Development Bank


Click here to read the Terms & Conditions for debit card.

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