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A Charter of Customer Services By Punjab National Bank - March 2012




Srno Topic
1. Vision
2. Mission
3. Application of Charter
4. Our Commitments
(i) To act fairly and reasonably in all dealings with Customers
 (ii)  To Diplay on Bank's website
 (iii)  To Maintain privacy and confidentiality of the customers's personal information.
 (iV)  To publicize the charter
 (V)  To provide services to the customers as per standards laid doen in the BCSBI.

 Special Customers

 A) Pensioners and other senior citizens

 B) Customers in Rural and Semi Urban Areas

 C) Self Help Groups ( SHGs)-

 D) Tribal Areas/North-East

 E) Providing banking facilities to visually Impaired Persons


 (vii)  Payment of Balance in Accounts of the Deceased Customers to Survivors/ Claimants
 (viii)  Exchange of Soiled/ Slightly Mutilated Currency Notes at Public Sector Bank
 (ix)  Safe Deposit Vaults (Lockers)
 (x)  Articles in Safe Custody
 (xi)  Remittance Services
 (xii)  ATM/ Debit Card Transactions
(xiii)  Mobile Banking
 (xiv)  SMS/ E-Mail Alerts
 (xv)  ECS Mandate Management System
 (xvi)  Loans and Advances
5  Standards For Services
6  Expectations from customers for Qualitative and Efficient Services
7  Customer Education
8  Grievance Redressal Mechanism
   Account Opening Form
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