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Mutual Fund

In an endeavor to enlarge the range of services available to our customers, PNB has been distributing the products of Principal PNB Asset Management Company Pvt. Ltd. from its designated branches, since July, 2004.

To provide variety of Mutual Fund Products to its customers, Now the Bank has also started the Distribution & Marketing of UTI Mutual Fund Products.

In recent times Mutual funds have gained rapid popularity as a good investment vehicle and public at large is attracted towards MF investment, which has variety of schemes and income options offered by Mutual Funds which can suit the financial preferences of all classes of investors, be it Retail, Corporate or Institutional.

The following benefits, intrinsic to investments in Mutual Funds have inspired greater confidence amongst the investors :-

Efficient Performance
Tax benefits
Range of schemes:
Mutual Funds offer schemes keeping in view the risk profile and risk-return preferences of investors. For an aggressive investor with appetite for risk, Equity oriented schemes are available which have a higher potential for capital appreciation. For a conservative investor with expectations of stable returns and low risk, Income Schemes are available.

To suit various type of requirements of the investors, some of the schemes of Principal PNB AMC & UTI AMC are as under:
Principal Growth Scheme:
Open-ended equity fund with an investment portfolio of stocks diversified across different sectors of the economy.

Principal balanced Fund:
Open ended fund with an equity (diversified) component of 51% to 70% and Debt component (including Money Market) 30% to 49%.

Principal Income Fund:
Open-ended fund with up to 100% investment in Debt instruments (including Money Market instruments and securitized debt)

Principal Income Fund – Short Term Plan:
The scheme is meant for investors seeking stable returns over shorter-term investment horizons compared to the Principal Income Fund.

Principal Cash management Fund:
An Open-ended fund that invests 100% of its corpus in Money Market instruments and seeks to provide an excellent avenue to park very short term cash surpluses and earn returns linked to the call money market rates.

Principal Index Fund:
An Open-ended fund that tracks S&P CNX Nifty (NSE) closely. The aim of the fund is to provide its investors returns commensurate with the Nifty.

Principal Large Cap Fund:
An open-ended scheme to invest in the stocks of the companies having a large market capitalization. The fund is suitable for investors interested in long term capital appreciation.

Principal Child Benefit Fund
The scheme is suitable for an investor seeking long-term growth and accumulation of capital for the beneficiary.
The objective of the scheme is to generate regular returns and/or capital appreciation / accretion with the aim of giving lump sum capital growth at the end of the chosen target period or otherwise to the Beneficiary.

Principal Global Opportunities Fund
It is an open-ended growth fund. The fund is suitable for investors who would like to diversify investments into other markets / securities by taking advantage of the potential growth in the global markets and thereby reduce the risk of having a portfolio predominantly invested in India.

The investment objective of the scheme is to build a high quality. International Equity portfolio out of the permissible investments as defined and permitted under the regulations from time to time and provide returns and/or capital appreciation along with regular liquidity to the investors.

Principal Infrastructure & Service Sector Fund:
An open-ended Equity Scheme with an objective to provide capital appreciation and income distribution by investing predominantly in Equity/Equity related instruments of Infrastructure & Service Sector companies..

Principal Tax Savings Fund:
An open-ended Equity linked savings scheme suitable for investors seeking income tax deductions under section 80C(2) of Income Tax Act along with long-term equity-market returns from investment in equities.

Principal Personal Tax Saver Fund:
The scheme is suitable for investors seeking income tax deductions under section 80C(2) of ITA along with long term equity-market returns from investment in equities.

Principal Monthly Income Plan:
An open-ended income scheme having periodical distribution with no assured monthly returns. MIP attempts to provide income on a monthly basis and is, therefore, particularly suited for investors seeking regular source of income.

(For more details please read the Offer form or visit official site of AMC and Toll Free no. 1800 22 5600 )
UTI Infrastructure Fund:

An open ended equity fund with the objective to provide Capital appreciation through investing in the stocks of the companies engaged in the sectors like Metals, Building Materials, Oil & Gas, Power, Chemicals, Engg. etc.

UTI Mid Cap Fund :
An open ended equity fund with the objective to provide ‘Capital appreciation’ by investing primarily in Mid Cap stocks.

UTI Large Cap Fund:
An open ended equity Fund with the objective to provide capital appreciation through investment in top 50 companies in terms of market capitalization.

UTI Services Sector Fund:
An open-ended fund which invests in the equities of the Services Sector companies of the country. One of the growth sector funds aiming to provide growth of capital over a period of time as well as to make income distribution by investing the funds in stocks of companies engaged in service sector such as banking, finance, insurance, education, training, telecom, travel, entertainment, hotels, etc.

UTI Leadership Equity Fund:
The scheme seeks to generate capital appreciation and / or income distribution by investing the funds in stocks that are “Leader” in their respective industries /sectors / sub-sector.

UTI Dividend Yield Fund:
An open-ended equity scheme. It aims to provide medium to long term capital gains and/or dividend distribution by investing predominantly in equity and equity related instruments which offer high dividend yield.

UTI Index Select Fund:
An open-ended equity fund with the objective to invest in select stocks of the BSE Sensex and the S&P CNX Nifty. The fund does not replicate any of the indices but aims to attain performance better than the performance of the indices.

UTI Equity Fund:
UTI Equity Fund is open-ended equity scheme with an objective of investing at least 80% of its funds in equity and equity related instrument with medium to high risk profile and upto 20% in debt and money market instruments with low to medium risk profile.

UTI Children’s Career Plan (Balanced):
An open-ended debt oriented fund with investment in Debt/G-sec of minimum 60% and a maximum of 40% in Equity. Investment can be made in the name of the children upto the age of 15 years so as to provide them, after they attain the age of 18 years, a means to receive scholarship to meet the cost of higher education and/or to help them in setting up a profession, practice or business or enabling them to set up home or finance the cost of other social obligation.

For more details please visit official site of UTI Mutual fund - or Toll Free no. 1800 22 1230
(Net Asset Value)
To know the latest NAV (Net Asset Value) the investor can visit the respective site of AMCs i.e. OR

OR where NAV of all the Mutual Funds are available.

Investments in Mutual Funds have options like Systematic Investment Plans, systematic withdrawal plan, Trigger Option, Automatic Rebalancing, Dividend Payout, Dividend Re-investment, etc that enable you to get the most out of your investment in Mutual Funds.
Distribution Reach
The distribution services of Mutual Fund products of Principal PNB Mutual Fund & UTI Mutual Fund are available at select branches of all the Zones of PNB across the country.
Risk Profile
Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document of the scheme/s carefully for details on risk factors before investment.

Punjab National Bank does not guarantee any assured returns for your investments through Mutual Fund.

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