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Zero Balance, Zero Charges Saving Fund Account for Students

PNB Vidyarthi Savings Fund Account Scheme


Accounts can be opened in the name of students studying at VARIOUS RECOGNISED EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. The account will remain in this Scheme till the age of 21 years of the Account Holder.

Initial Deposit Amount/ QAB/Minimum Balance Required


Attractive Freebies/Concessions

The following freebies are also admissible:

Demand drafts for all types
   of fees/examination fees
Free of cost
Initial Deposit Amount
The account will be opened without any initial deposit, i.e., it will be Zero Balance Saving Fund Account
Incidental Charges
Ledger Folio Charges
Retail Internet Banking    Services
Intersol transactions    including cash    withdrawal/deposits Free
ATM Card/DEBIT CARD Free (However, annual maintenance charges are to be recovered ) 
Cheque Book Facility Free (2 cheque books of 20 cheque leaves each in a year)

All other guidelines of the Bank regarding photographs, introduction, nomination facility, KYC norms, etc., as applicable to Savings Fund Account would also continue to remain applicable to these accounts

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