Citizen`s Charter 4.(vi)

special customers

Pensioners and Other senior Citizens-

There will be prioritized service to senior citizens, physically handicapped persons by effective crowd / people management available at all branches.

Provide automatic updation of age records and then conferring senior citizen benefits wherever applicable once a customer becomes a senior citizen.

The needs of the senior citizens and the physically challenged persons will also be an important input for Bank in deciding on the branch locale and its access.

Customers in Rural and semi urban areas-

Bank will ensure proper currency exchange facilities and also the quality of notes in circulation in rural areas.

It will be ensured that the branches are opened as per the schedule times and operating them for the full hours.

Self Help Groups (SHGs)

SHG members will not be forced to take insurance products.

Bank will provide loans to SHGs in tranches. However, the same will take into account the business requirements of the SHG rather than depending solely on the repayment made by the SHGs.

Tribal Areas/North-East-

The business correspondent / facilitator model will be used for improving the banking facilities in the tribal areas. Prominent citizens belonging to important Tribes of the region could also be considered for appointment as Business Correspondent (BC).

Bank will ensure that at least one of the staff members in the branches in tribal areas is conversant with local language.

Financial education material in pictorial form and audio presentations in local dialect will be used in Tribal areas.

To achieve the banking/financial inclusion it will be endeavour of the Bank to implement the guidelines provided by the RBI and Government to transfer and posting the staff to the region. Further, the staff so selected and posted will also focus on local talent building and development.

Bank will facilitate opening the accounts for the SHGs in the region in furthering the cause of financial inclusion in the region.

Bank will take further steps for improvement in provision of RTGS / NEFT facility to the customers from the region.

Providing banking facilities to visually impaired Persons-

in order to facilitate access to banking facilities by visually challenged persons, bank will offer banking facilities including cheque book facility / operation of ATM/ locker etc., to the visually challenged who are capable of using those facilities .

Legal Guardianship Certificate issued under the National Trust Act,1999 empowers the disabled persons with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities to have accounts.

Bank will rely upon the Guardianship Certificate issued either by the District Court under Mental Health Act or by the Local Level Committees under the above Act for the purposes of opening / operating bank accounts.

Essential details about the facilities are enumerated in the Enactment (Mental Disabilities Act)

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