Housing Loan for Public

Objective To ensure availability of Housing Loan at attractive rates and ensure a house for all.

For construction of house/ flat;

For purchase of built house/flat.

For purchase of under construction house/flat from Housing Boards/ Development Authorities/ Co-operative Societies/ Approved Private Builders/ Projects.

For carrying out Additions to the house/flat.

For carrying out repairs/ renovation / alterations/ cost of furnishing to the house/flat.

For meeting cost escalation in the cases of under-construction flats to existing Housing Loan borrowers.

For purchase of land/plot for house building.

Eligibility Individuals or group of individuals (co-borrowers) who are having an assured source of regular income viz. Salaried employees, Professionals, Self Employed persons, businessman, farmers etc. Staff members are also eligible under public scheme.
Quantum of Finance

For Construction/Additions/Purchase of House/Flat: Need based loan depending upon the project cost and repaying capacity of the borrower.

For purchase of Land/ Plot for House Building: Maximum Rs.50 lac.

For repairs / renovation / alterations: Maximum Rs.25 lac.

Cost of furnishing may be included in the project cost with maximum upto 10% of eligible Housing loan with a maximum upto Rs.25.00 lac.

Margin (Borrower`s contribution)
Housing Loan Upto Rs.30 lac 20% / 15%*
Housing Loan Above Rs.30 lac and Upto Rs.75 lac 20%
Housing Loan Above Rs.75 lac 25%
Purchase of Land/Plot for House Building 25%

*0.10% Higher Rate of Interest on Card Rate will be charged in such cases. Borrower be made aware about this before sanction of loan.

Charges e.g. stamp duty, registration charges and other documentation charges shall be borne by the borrower and shall not be considered towards margin money. However such charges may be added to the cost of the house/dwelling unit for the purpose of calculating LTV ratio in cases where the cost of the house/dwelling unit does not exceed Rs.10 lakh. Acquisition cost of Plot be considered towards Margin Money.

Revised Margin Valid upto 31.03.2021

Sanction Limit/ Borrower Type/CIC Score

Revised Margin

Home Loan (All Variants) above Rs. 75.00 Lakhs with: CIC Score of borrower 750 & above (In case of joint borrower(s), the CIC score of each borrower must be 750 and above)


Top-up Home Loan (subject to CIC Score of borrower 750 & above)

Term Loan/ Overdraft


Security Equitable/registered mortgage of the property in question.

Loan for carrying out repairs/ renovation / alterations to the house/flat: Max.15 years inclusive of moratorium period, if any.

Loan for Others: Max. 30 years inclusive of moratorium period, if any.

The income of the spouse and earning children (whether married or unmarried) and of the joint owners can be added for determining the income for the purpose of borrowers` repaying capacity. In such cases, they should be made co-borrower.

Parents can also be made as co – borrower in cases where the property is in the single name of Son / Daughter or in the joint name of Son and Daughter and also clubbing of their income be permitted for the purpose of eligibility/repayment of loan.

Repayment Holiday/ Moratorium

For Construction/ Additions of House/ Flat: Till completion of construction (including additions) or 18 months, from the date of disbursement of first installment of the loan, whichever is earlier.

For carrying out repairs/ renovation / alterations to the house/ flat: Till completion of repairs/ renovation / alterations or 6 months, from the date of disbursement of first installment of the loan, whichever is earlier.

For purchase of ready built House/ flat OR land/plot: Till the date of possession or 3 months from the date of advance, whichever is earlier.

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Above are only salient features of the scheme. For details please contact nearest branch

Pnb Flexible Housing Loan

This variant provides the borrowers advantage of substantial savings on the interest component on account of facility to:

  • Deposit their surplus funds in the overdraft account; and
  • Withdraw the same at their choice as per their needs


Customers who are below the age of 50 years and existing Housing loan borrowers who have availed loan under our Housing Loan scheme for public subject to fulfillment of all terms & conditions of this variant :


For all purposes as per details described under Housing Finance scheme except for purchase of land/plot.

Nature of Facility

Term Loan - 80% and overdraft 20%

Extent of Loan

First enhancement allowed after 3 years, Overdraft limit can be enhanced maximum upto 50% of the total loan amount sanctioned. Extent of enhancement equal to reduction in Term Loan Amount.

Borrowers are entitlement for 20% increase in the original total limit sanctioned after a lapse of five years.

Enchancement(s) is/are for personal needs is/are allowed in the shape of a separate Overdraft limit.


Term Loan - 20% and Overdraft - 25%:


Term Loan component: As per Housing Loan Scheme for Public.

Overdraft component:

For Borrowers below 55 years: Servicing of Interest as and when charged i.e. on Monthly Basis.

For 55 years and above: On monthly reducing drawing power maximum upto the age of 70 years.

Rate of Interest

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Processing Fee & Documentation Charges:

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For more details, please contact our nearest branch.

Over Draft/Term Loan to Housing Loan Borrowers for Personal Needs


Seeks to provide additional facility in the shape of Overdraft/ Term Loan for personal use to our existing/new/takeover Housing Loan borrowers.


All Housing Loan borrowers including existing / new / take over cases. Loan is not permitted for any trade / business or for any other speculative purposes.


For Personal needs/use.

Extent of Loan

Minimum – Rs. 2 lac/-, Maximum – Rs. 25 lac.

80% of current realizable value of housing property if the loan amount (existing exposure of Housing Loan + proposed OD limit) is upto Rs 75.00 lakh


75% of current realizable value of housing property if the loan amount (existing exposure of Housing Loan + proposed OD limit) is above Rs 75.00 lakh

Nature of Facility

a. Overdraft limit or

b. Term Loan


Nil :

However LTV of 80% and 75% on (Housing Loan + Over Draft Limit) realizable value of House / flat to be required.


a. Overdraft Limit: Account to be renewed annually.

b. Term Loan: repayable in 10 years or remaining period of Housing Loan whichever is lower.


By extension of charge on the Immovable Property mortgaged/ to be mortgaged.

Rate of Interest

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Processing Fee & Documentation Charges

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