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Point of Sale (PoS) Apply Online

Point of Sale(PoS) is the payment acceptance Solution offered by PNB which includes universal compliance with up-to-date security features, acceptance of all Domestic & International Debit, Credit and Pre-PaidCards, prompt payment settlements, on-site support and round-the-clock help desk, dynamic currency conversion facility as well as access to payment reports for ease of reconciliation. Find out more about the features of the Point of Sale (POS) below:

  • POS solution will help you to accept payment through any Debit and CreditCard from any smart/feature phone with the support of our safe and secured technology.
  • Acceptance of Visa, MasterCard, Rupay Debit and CreditCards.
  • Small and handy mPOS terminals.
  • NFC-enabled terminals facilitating quick payments.
  • Cashless payments make transactions and money management hassle-free.
  • Seamless Deployment of POS Machine at Merchant Location.
  • Enhanced Features:
    • EMI Facility at POS terminals
    • Static Bharat QR code facility is available at POS terminals.
    • Dynamic QR Code facility at selected Merchants will be offered in due course.
  • Nation Building:Offering POS Machines to Defense Canteens absolutely free.

Types of PNB PoS Terminals:

  • Android Terminals: Wireless Android Terminals with Integration Facilities.
  • GPRS(General Packet Radio Service) Opex/Capex: Wireless Terminals
  • PSTN(Public Switch Telephone Network): Installed with Land Line Telephone with STD facility.
  • M-PoS(Mobile PoS):Accept and process Cards using just a mobile phone .The MPoS application can be installed on any Android phone (version 2.2 and above)
  • PayTivo :
    • PaperLess PAYTIVO: Working same as GPRS (SIM based), no printer to print the charge slip. (e-Chargeslip is sent on customer’s mobile through SMS).
    • WithPaper PAYTIVO: Working same as GPRS (SIM based) with printer to print the charge slip

For registration contact the nearest PNB branch with the following documents:–

  • Merchant application form duly filled (can be availed from the branch)
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Business Establishment proof


For more details, please contact your nearest PNB branch.

  • PNB mobile app

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