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Current Version of Android: 1.44
Current Version of iOS: 2.27

PNB ONE – Unified Mobile Banking Application

  • PNB ONE is a unified Mobile Banking application enriched with several features providing all banking facilities at a single platform.
  • It allows user to perform major banking requirements through the application on 24*7 basis anywhere and anytime without visiting the branch.
  • It is secure application, having biometric authentication along with MPIN.
  • Every transaction is authenticated through transaction password.

Recent enhancements in PNB ONE:

Virtual Debit Card

Location in App

About Virtual Debit Card

Login--> Debit Card--> Virtual Debit Card.

Through this option, user can generate “Virtual copy of Debit Card” with all the details: “Debit Card number”, “Expiry Date” & “CVV”. This can be used to perform ECOM transactions.


Location in App

About BBPS

Value Added Services

Login--> Bill Pay (on Dashboard)

Through BBPS, customer can make payments towards variety of utility service providers/billers under different categories like – Mobile, Landline, DTH, electricity, gas, education fees etc.

- Repeat your last 10 bill payment.

- Enroll for Standing Instruction

- Enable Notification button to receive monthly/quarterly or yearly notification of bill payment to never miss it.

Positive Pay System

Location in App

About Positive Pay System

Login--> Cheques--> Positive Pay system.

With Positive Pay System every account holder now can enter details of cheque ( date, amount etc) issued by him through PNB ONE for secondary authentication.

Open Online Instant Demat Account

Location in App

About Instant Demat Account

Value Added Services

Login--> View All--> Depository & MF--> Demat--> Open Insta Demat Account

Through this feature, Demat Account can be opened instantly by submitting the required customer related information.

Customer can check the status of Demat Account and after opening of Demat account, it can be linked in PNB ONE to view and monitor.

Click here for Feature of PNB ONE

Registration Process:

One can easily enroll or register for PNB ONE through the app itself. Follow these steps and enroll yourselves:

  • a) Click on “New User”.
  • b) Enter Account number and select appropriate option for registration as per your choice as displayed- Mobile banking or Both( Internet Banking & Mobile banking)
  • c) An OTP will be delivered to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to proceed further.
  • d) Enter your linked Card number and PIN number.
  • e) Set your login and Transaction password.
  • f) After completing above mentioned steps, on successful registration, you will get a success message with “User id” for login.
  • g) Click on “Sign in” at the bottom of the page.
  • h) Enter your User id and Set your MPIN.
Login with these credentials in PNB ONE.

Online Password Reset:

To reset password user can select “Trouble Sign-in” link given on the home page of PNB ONE.
a) Click on “Trouble Sign-in”.
b) Select option as “ Forgot Password”.
c) Enter User ID.
d) Enter further details- Account number, linked Debit Card and PIN of Debit Card.
e) Proceed further and enter NEW password- Transaction and Login password.

Frequently Asked Questions:
General Questions:

1) What are the pre-requisites for using PNB ONE?
a) An active account with Punjab National Bank.
b) Mobile number registered with the Bank.
c) Smart Phone with or above Android version 5.1.0 and iOS version of 9 & above.

2) Who can register for PNB ONE?
All PNB customers with individual account and joint account (mode of operation either or survivor) can register for PNB ONE.

3) Are there any charges for using PNB ONE?
Services offered by PNB ONE are free of cost; there is no charge for using PNB ONE.

4) I have different accounts in different branches; can I register mobile banking for all of them?
All the accounts opened under same Customer ID will be available by default after registration. If any of the accounts are not visible, you may visit branch and get the Customer ID updated for those accounts.

5) Can I transact through all my accounts in PNB ONE??
Transaction is allowed through all accounts except accounts which are opened in “Joint” accounts.

6) I have corporate account, can I register for PNB ONE?
PNB ONE is only for Retail customers.

7) I have not used mobile banking for long time. How can I resume using PNB mobile banking now?
User ID and Password of mobile banking get expired if not used for 6 months.
In order to resume using PNB mobile banking, you have to reset the password: Click on Trouble Signing in -> Enter Debit Card Details and reset your password. Login with new password and you will be able to use PNB ONE again.

8) How Mobile Banking is a secure channel?
All the transactions which are performed through mobile banking channel are encrypted and travel to mobile banking server in secured mode.

9) How do I start using PNB ONE once I have opened an account with PNB? Download the application- PNB ONE from Play Store in case of android and App Store in case of iOS.
Once it gets downloaded,
Click on NEW USER -> Enter your Customer Id (you can find customer id in your passbook, front page) -> Enter OTP -> Enter your Debit Card details & linked account number -> Set your password.
Now you are registered for using PNB One.
Login using your User id -> Set four digit MPIN and you are ready to use the application.

10) How can I open Fixed Deposit account using PNB One?
Login into PNB ONE -> Click on “Services” -> Accounts -> Open Fixed Deposit -> Enter required details regarding period of FD, amount etc. Account will be opened instantly. However, the same will be visible under Deposit Accounts after 24 hours.

11) Can I close Fixed Deposit account pre-maturely using PNB ONE?
Yes, Login into PNBONE-> Click on Services-> Accounts-> Premature FD Closure. Select FD account to be closed and saving account number which is to be credited, enter transaction password and close the account.

12) Can I Scan QR Code & Pay through PNB One?
Yes, after login you will find an option of “Scan & Pay” on Dashboard. Click on the option and scan the QR code -> enter amount -> make payment.

13) If I have lost my phone, what should I do immediately?
a) Online Mode: In this scenario, please disable your mobile banking services by visiting link www[dot]netpnb[dot]com -> Retail Internet Banking -> Disable Mobile Banking.
b) Call center: Dial customer care number 1800 180 2222 for disabling mobile banking on your registered mobile number.
C) Send an e-mail at mobhelp[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in for disabling Mobile Banking on account of lost of mobile phone.

14) I have changed my mobile number, how can I change the same in my mobile banking?
For updating your mobile number in mobile banking, you have to visit your nearest branch and submit request for updation of mobile number.
With new registered mobile number, you have to activate mobile banking again: enter your user id -> enter OTP -> activate mobile banking.

15) I want to de-register for mobile banking, what should I do?
a) Through Net Banking website: In order to de-register mobile banking, please visit website www[dot]netpnb[dot]com -> Retail Internet Banking -> Disable Mobile Banking.
b) Through Customer Care: Dial customer care 1800 180 2222 for de-registering mobile banking.


1) How can I register for PNB ONE?
For registering in PNB ONE online, you should have your mobile number registered in your account and a debit card issued on your account.
- Download PNB ONE from Play Store or App Store.
- Click on “NEW USER”.
- Enter your Account number and continue.
- An OTP will be delivered on your registered mobile number, enter this OTP and continue.
- Enter your account number and details of debit card linked with the account number.
- Set your transaction password.

2) I am not getting OTP. What should I do?
Please try as under:
a) If you are not receiving OTP, please send SMS “SOTP at 5607040” or
b) Lodge your complaint at customer care number 1800 180 2222 or
c) Mail the same at mobhelp[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in.

3) I don’t remember my transaction password. How can I reset the same?
Please reset your password by clicking “Trouble signing in” -> Forgot Password -> Enter User ID -> Enter OTP -> Enter details of account number and linked debit card details ->Set new password.

4) I have locked my mobile banking account. What should I do? Login to PNB One gets locked due to wrong MPIN entered more than 5 times. Please reset the same by clicking on “Trouble Signing-in” ->Reset MPIN -> Enter OTP -> Set new MPIN.

5) What is my user id? How do I get it?
Default User id is your Customer Id mentioned on front page of your Passbook. You can change the default user id. Click on Update User ID to set your desired User id.

6) Is Debit Card necessary for PNB ONE registration?
No, Debit Card is not necessary for PNB ONE registration. It is mandatory while registering ONLINE; however, you can submit request for registration for PNB ONE by visiting any PNB branch also.

Fund Transfer:

1) What are the limits of various transactions using PNB ONE?
You can perform transaction up to amount Rs. 10 lakh through PNB ONE. However, default limit of PNB ONE is 2 lakh, you can increase it upto Rs. 10 lakh.

2) Can I send money without registering payee?
Yes, you can send money without registering Payee up to 10,000 within PNB via link “QUICK TRANSFER”.
Login -> Transfer -> Quick Transfer -> Enter Account number & amount -> enter transaction password.

3) What are the options available for fund transfer in PNB ONE.
Following are the options available for fund transfer via PNB ONE:
4) UPI
5) Scan & Pay
6) Within PNB Transfer

4) What is MMID? How can I know my MMID? MMID stands for Mobile Money Identifier, it is a seven digit unique number issued by the bank upon registration for making payments through IMPS. Remitter and Beneficiary should have this MMID for doing this interbank funds transfer.
You can generate your MMID via PNB ONE -> Login -> Service -> MMID -> View & Generate MMID.

5) If my transaction gets failed, but my account got debited. What should I do?
In this scenario, you may lodge complaint at PNB Customer Care number 18001802222 or mail us at mobhelp[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in

6) After addition of beneficiary, how many long will it take for fund transfer?
It will take 2 hours for fund transfer after addition of beneficiary in mobile banking.

7) What is the maximum limit of fund transfer through PNB ONE.
Maximum limit of fund transfer through PNB ONE is 10 lakh per day.

8) Can I schedule transaction for future date?
Yes, you can schedule transaction through PNB ONE. Login -> Transfer -> Schedule any particular transaction.

9) Which type of transactions can be scheduled for future?
You can schedule all of your transactions through PNB ONE.
Login -> Transfers -> Regular Transfer -> Enable “Schedule this transaction button”.

Bill Payments:

1) What are the facilities available under Bill Pay?
Add billers under different categories such as Insurance, Mutual Fund, Telecom, Electricity, Gas, DTH, credit Card and make payments through PNB ONE.

2) Can I register my Mutual funds through PNB ONE?
Yes, you can register Mutual funds and make payments through PNB ONE. Login -> Pay Bills -> Manager Billers -> Add Biller.

3) Will I be charged by PNB for making payment of bills through PNB ONE?
No, there are no charges for making payment of bills through PNB ONE.

4) Can I request Debit Card through PNB ONE?
Yes, you can enter request for Debit Card through PNB ONE.
Login -> Debit Card -> Apply for new Debit Card.

5) Can I limit the amount usage of Debit Card through PNB ONE?
Yes, you can limit the amount of cash withdrawal of Debit Card at ATM & POS/ E-Comm through PNB ONE.
Login -> Debit Card -> Update ATM limit/POS/E-Comm Limit.

6) Can I pay my PNB credit card bill using PNB ONE?
Yes, you can make payment of credit card bill using PNB ONE application. Login -> Services -> Link Credit Card -> Auto payment registration.

Do’s & Don’ts
• Do not reveal password(s) or OTP over phone, mail etc to any person including Bank.
• The passwords can be changed as frequently as you wish. Please change your password(s) before the passwords get expired or when the system prompts you to do so.
• Do not click on website links/attachments in unknown/suspicious emails. These links may take you to replica of banks website and ask for keying in your user id and password(s).
• Bank will never send any e-mail requesting to provide user id/password and other sensitive information.

Are you a victim of Fraud?

If you find out that your credentials of mobile banking, internet banking or debit card is compromised, please take immediate action as under to prevent any further loss and speedy recovery:
1) Mobile/ Internet Banking: Disable your mobile banking account immediately by visiting website www[dot]netbanking[dot]com -> Choose Retail Internet Banking -> Enter User ID -> Disable Mobile/Internet Banking.
2) Debit Card: Block your debit card immediately. You can block debit card through mobile banking, internet banking and through SMS.
a) Mobile Banking: Login -> Click on Emergency -> Choose option “Hotlist Debit Card”.
b) Internet Banking: Login -> Value Added Services -> Emergency Service -> Debit Card Hotlisting.
c) Through SMS: Type message “HOTLIST < <-space->> Card number” and send it to 5607040.

Need Help:

1) Customer Care: Call at PNB customer care number 1800 180 2222 or 1800 180 2223 to register your complaint, you will get a reference number in order to know the status of complaint in future.
2) Mail us at: care[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in
3) Mobile Banking: Report your complaint through mobile banking app- PNB ONE.
Login -> Services -> Register Complaint.
Track the status of complaint also.
Login -> Services -> Track your complaint.

Report a fraud:

1) Customer Care: Call at PNB customer care number 1800 180 2222 or 1800 180 2223 to report a fraud, you will get a reference number in order to know the status of complaint in future.
2) Email us at care[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in ccmc[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in

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