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Punjab National Bank is having a ‘PNB Expo Gold Card Scheme’ based on the scheme drawn up by Reserve Bank of India. The scheme ensures easy availability of export credit on best terms, to credit worthy exporters with good track record. The salient features of the scheme are as under: -

Eligibility under the Scheme

  • Eligibility of accounts covered under Risk Rating module is to be decided based on their risk ratings. Exporters with minimum rating of ‘B1’ as per internal risk rating module of bank will be eligible under this scheme.
  • Exporters whose accounts have been classified as ‘Standard’ continuously for a period of three years and there are no irregularities/adverse features in the conduct of the account, will be considered for Gold Card.
  • The scheme will not be applicable to those exporters who are blacklisted by ECGC or included in RBI’s defaulter’s list/Specific approval list / caution list of exporters. or making losses for the past 3 years or having overdue export bills in excess of 10 % of the previous year’s export turnover.
  • Gold Card can be issued to exporters whose accounts have been taken over by our bank provided bank is satisfied with the track record of exporter and the account was ‘Standard’ with the previous bank as per the specific indication available from the Confidential Report on the conduct of the account obtained from their previous bank.
  • Gold Card can also be granted to exporters undertaking exports on collection basis, provided they have been in export business at least for 3 years including their dealings with previous bankers.

Fixation of Credit Limit

  • In-principle` limits will be sanctioned for a period of 3 years with a provision for automatic renewal subject to fulfillment of the terms and conditions of sanction.
  • A stand-by limit of 20 per cent of the assessed limit may be additionally made available to facilitate urgent credit needs for executing sudden orders.
  • In the case of exporters of seasonal commodities, the peak and off-peak levels will be appropriately specified.
  • In case of unanticipated export orders, norms for inventory may be relaxed, taking into account the size and nature of the export order.
  • Gold Card holders would be given preference in the matter of granting of packing credit in foreign currency. Foreign currency term loans to Gold Card Holders given on priority basis.
  • Requests from card holders would be processed quickly within 25 days / 15 days and 7 days for fresh applications / renewal of limits and ad hoc limits, respectively.


The card will be issued for 3 years to be renewed automatically for a further period of 3 years unless there are adverse features/irregularities in the account.

The performance of the exporters to be reviewed on yearly basis to decide continuation/amendment/withdrawal of benefits to Gold Card Holder.

For further details, exporters are requested to contact PNB branches.

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