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Our Internet Banking Service has secuity features of Limit Setting for various transaction types, OTP based authentication for beneficiary creation/transactions, Digital signatures based authentication, setting of login time restriction, IBS Shield & Online User-Id Blocking, along with login & transaction passwords. Similarly, Mobile Banking service has security features of Mobile number based authentication, channel level limit, & OTP based beneficiary creation/transactions. As a step further, Bank has introduced facility of Blocking of Internet Banking & Mobile banking passwords through SMS when not in use. Facility named "Sleep Easy" enables customer to disable the IBS/MBS by sending SMS to 5607040 or 9264092640 from registered mobile number in the following formats-

SMS format to Block Internet Banking - BLOCK IBS CustomerID (Example- BLOCK IBS ABC111111).

SMS format to Block Mobile Banking - BLOCK MBS CustomerID (Example- BLOCK MBS ABC111111)

After receipt of the SMS at IBS/MBS server, IBS or MBS would be got disabled & customer would receive information about disabling of the same through SMS.

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