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PNB Bonds Credit Rating:

Details of Credit Ratings of Domestic Instruments Outstanding as on 28/05/2020:
Sr. No. Instrument Series ISIN Credit Rating Date of Latest Credit Rating
1 AT-1 Series VII INE160A08076 CARE A+, IND A Brickworks- 15/10/2019
CARE- 09/10/2019
India Rating -22/05/2020
2 AT-1 Series VIII INE160A08100 BWR AA, IND A
3 AT-1 Series IX INE160A08118 BWR AA, IND A
4 AT-1 Series X INE160A08126 BWR AA, IND A
5 AT-1 Series XI INE160A08134 BWR AA, IND A, CRISIL AA-
6 Long Term Bond Series 1 INE160A08068 CRISIL AA+, CARE AA, IND AA+
7 Long Term Bond Series 2 INE160A08084 CRISIL AA+, CARE AA, ICRA AA-
8 Tier II Basel - III Series XIV INE160A08019 CRISIL AA+, ICRA AA-
9 Tier II Basel - III Series XV INE160A08027 CRISIL AA+, IND AA+
10 Tier II Basel - III Series XVI INE160A08035 CRISIL AA+, IND AA+
11 Tier II Basel - III Series XVII INE160A08043 CRISIL AA+, IND AA+
12 Tier II Basel - III Series XVIII INE160A08050 CRISIL AA+, IND AA+
13 Tier II Basel - III Series XIX INE160A08092 IND AA+, CARE AA
14 Tier II Basel - III Series XX INE160A08142 CRISIL AA+, IND AA+
15 IPDI - Tier 1 17.09.2010 INE141A09116 BWR A+ , CARE A Brickworks- 15/10/2019
CARE- 03/10/2019
16 UT 2 20.09.2010 INE141A09124 BWR A+ , CARE A
17 LT 2 30.11.2012 INE141A09132 ICRA A+, CARE A+
18 Basel-III Tier 2 27.10.2014 INE141A08019 ICRA A+, CARE A+
19 Basel-III Tier 2 26.10.2015 INE141A08035 ICRA A+, CARE A+
20 Basel-III Tier 2 24.06.2016 INE141A08043 ICRA A+, CARE A+
21 Lower Tier-II Series-VII INE695A09087 CARE A+, CRISIL A+ Brickworks- 15/10/2019
CARE- 10/10/2019
22 IPDI - Tier 1 Series I INE695A09095 CARE A-. CRISIL A-
23 Basel-III Tier 2 Series-VIII INE695A09103 BWR A+, CRISIL A+
24 Basel-III Tier 2 Series-IX INE695A08030 BWR A+, CRISIL A+
25 Lower Tier-II Series-X INE695A08048 CRISIL A+
26 Lower Tier-II Series XI INE695A08063 CRISIL A+
Note: Kindly refer to the respective rating agency website for further details on the ratings.

S. No- 15 to 20 relates to Erstwhile OBC Bonds Credit Rating.*

S. No- 21 to 26 relates to Erstwhile United Bank of India Bonds Credit Rating.*

Rating Agency: We have taken up with concerned Rating agencies for necessary change in ratings upon post amalgamation.

Bank Ratings

Rating Agency Rating
Moody’s Investors Services Ba1/NP/Positive
Fitch Ratings BBB- /F3/Stable

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