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  • Rooftop PV Solar Power Projects

    By 2022, India aims to achieve 40 GW of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Power Projects out of the total 175 GW target of renewable energy capacity.
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  • Loan Against Future Lease Rentals

    PNB has introduced a scheme for property owners having their property situated in Metro/Urban/Semi-Urban/Rural Centres and who have let out such properties.
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  • Working Capital Financing

    PNB offers working capital finance to meet short term fund requirement for managing the day to day operation of the business.
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  • Project Finance & Infrastructure Finance

    Bank provides fund based and non fund base credit facilities for New Project as well as expansion, diversification and modernisation of existing projects in Infrastructure and Non- Infrastructure Sector.
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  • Term Loans

  • PNB offers Term Loans to support capital expenditures for setting up/starting industrial unit and new business as well as for expansion, revocation etc.
  • Export Finance

  • PNB provides Export Finance at pre-shipment and post shipment stage to exporters in various types of fund based and non fund based credit facility.
  • Bill Financing

    PNB Provides Advances against Inland Bills in the form of limit for purchase of bills, discount of bills or advance against bills sent for collection to borrowers for their genuine trade transactions.Bills facilities are also allowed to the borrowers against bills accompanied by Railway Receipts (RRs), Motor Transport Receipts (MTRs), Govt. Supply Bills, third party DDs and cheques etc.
  • Financing Against Future Receivables

    PNB provides the facility of financing against the assured future receivables to corporate and non corporate borrowers. The borrower having assured future receivables such as Educational Institutions, BPOs/KPOs, or any other similar institutions can avail the facility for meeting their business needs. Scheme also covers receivables form Future Toll collection/Annuity Receivables in case of BOT road projects.
  • Short Term Loan

    To meet the requirement of short-term business exigencies of reputed PSUs corporate customers. Short Term Loans are sanctioned for a short period not exceeding 12 month.
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