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Training Structure in Punjab National Bank

"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death" -Albert Einstein

Someone has well said that investment in knowledge pays the best interest and the Bank has created a state-of-the art infrastructure and pedagogy to cater to the training needs of the employees in particular and overall career growth in general.

The Training Vertical of PNB comprises of LKMC at the apex level for handling Bank’s entire Training Needs. A well-researched training Strategy & Methodology has been developed in-house and follows our Unique Teaching Pedagogy.

Learning & Training Vision:

To make PNB Learning and Training a dynamic, vibrant and value generating initiative that facilitates seamless transformation of participants into excellent performers.

Learning & Training Mission:

To provide right fit high quality trainings in classroom, online and hybrid mode resulting in enhanced personal effectiveness, productivity of the Bank employees and to create learning habit on ongoing basis.


The visionary leadership of the Bank had always believed in organizational growth in tandem with individual growth. It had always believed in providing environment conducive to learning and the same is reflected in the fact that the Bank has in-house training system ever since 1954. The STC Delhi (erstwhile Central Staff College, Delhi) is more than 60years old. The training capacity was increased subsequently to cater to the growing needs and the changing times.


At the Apex level, Learning & Knowledge Management Centre (LKMC) looks after the training needs of the employees through Planning & Monitoring (P&M)/Research & Development (R&D)/E-Learning/Staff Training Centres/HR incentive schemes for self-development of employees

Dedicated teams for P&M as well as R&D take care of overall training needs identification. The e-learning is provided through platforms like Knowledge Centre and PNB UNIV. There are regular features like ‘Ask a Question Utility’, ‘Online Quizzes’, ‘DIGIHELP Booklet’, ‘Knowledge Repository’ etc.

The Knowledge Repository Websites can be accessed anytime, anywhere for the convenience of the employees...thus transitioning from ‘class room learning’ to ‘learning on the go’.

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