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A new functionality PNB Verify – device binding solution is launched for performing transaction through Internet Banking & Debit Card. It is alternate solution to OTP, using this facility transaction performed through Internet Banking & Debit Card will authenticated through IN-APP notification using PNB VERIFY application. It can only be registered only on one device.

PNB Verify will be available at PlayStore & AppStore. User will enroll for PNB Verify by logging into Internet Banking and download the application for authenticating the application.

Process Flow for Activating PNB Verify in Internet Banking:

I. Enrolment - Self registration flow

  • On successful login (Post-Login) into Internet Banking, User can opt for self-enrolment for PNB Verify. Personal Setting -> Enroll for PNB Verify
  • User selects the option for enrolment for PNB Verify solution and confirms the request.
  • On enrolment of PNB VERIFY, a SMS will be delivered on Users registered mobile number with a link to install PNB Verify app on user’s device.
  • The user installs the app on the device and logs in PNB VERIFY application using the IB Customer id and follows the onetime activation process to activate PNB Verifyapp.


  • Download and Install PNB Verify App.
  • Enter Cust ID.
  • A Verification code will be delivered on mobile number, authenticate using the verification code received on registered mobile number.
  • Set PNB Verify password (alphanumeric in nature) or enroll for pattern to login into the application or enroll for biometric for login into application.

III. Transactions Within Internet Banking

  • User Logs in to Internet Banking.
  • User initiates the transaction.
  • Enter transaction password and proceed further by clicking on “Continue”.
  • Now in place of OTP, a message will be displayed on the screen to verify the transaction using PNB Verify Mobile App within 3 minutes.
  • User needs to Login to PNB VERIFY Mobile App to view the Notification and “Approve” or “Decline” the transaction.
  • On approve or decline action, the transaction will get successful or failed respectively within 3 minutes, after expiration of this duration, the transaction needs to be initiated again.

IV. Online transaction through Debit Card

  • At the time of initiating online transaction, customer will enter the card details i.d Card No., Expiry date & CVV No.
  • The merchant will redirect the customer to bank’s page for second factor authentication.
  • At bank’s page, customer will get the option ‘Push Notification’.
  • On selecting this option & clicking on Submit button, customer will get notification on his smartphone.
  • On clicking the notification, PNB Verify App will open & ask the customer to Accept/Reject the transaction.
  • On clicking Accept button, the transaction will be accepted and funds debited from customer’s linked account.

- User can Enroll & Un-Enroll as per his/her choice by login into PNB Internet Banking.

- This feature is available only for customers having smart phones.

- On un-enrolling from PNB Verify, the mode of authentication will be switched to OTP mode automatically.

Click Here for FAQs of PNB Verify

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