Advisory - Precautions while shopping

Advisory - Precautions while shopping (e-commerce, merchant establishment), ATM withdrawals and Internet banking transactions

In recent time, some incidents of disputed internet banking, e-commerce/POS/ATM withdrawal transactions in customer`s accounts have been came to our notice, wherein customer denied have done the transactions. Customers might have compromised their account credentials via phishing, vishing or other social engineering methods. It is necessary to make aware the staff members as well as customer regarding recent fraud techniques.

The types of suspected activities are as follows:

  • ATM Withdrawals
  • ATM card exchange
  • E-commerce/ POS transactions using ATM/Debit card
  • Transfers through internet banking
  • E-commerce transactions through internet banking .

In order to protect against any fraudulent use of ATM/Debit card and internet banking, the following precautions should be taken by the customers:

ATM Withdrawals/ ATM card exchange:

  • While doing ATM withdrawals watch out for suspicious devices around the ATM, this may lead to data leakages.
  • Do not allow anybody in the ATM room.
  • Block the view of the number pad, so that nobody can notice your PIN.
  • While doing ATM transactions if card is stuck in the machine, then call the guard. Do not get help if any stranger offers to do so.

E-commerce/ POS transactions using ATM/Debit card and Internet banking

  • While doing transactions at merchant establishment (POS), keep eyes on person swiping the card, if merchant asks for PIN, do not give it away. If PIN is required to be fed, please enter the PIN yourself.
  • Avoid public computers like Cyber café for doing e-commerce transactions/ internet banking.
  • Update your PC with latest antivirus, anti-malware, personal firewall etc.
  • Do not respond to any email asking for your account credentials like card number, validity, PIN, expiry date etc. (Bank does not ask account credentials from the customers)
  • Avoid responding to emails/calls stating you have won lottery.
  • Erase the CVV number on backside of the card and memorise the same or store it confidentially.
  • If you receive any suspicious email then immediately forward it to incident[at]pnb[dot]co[dot]in.
  • In coming days mobile banking will be used widely, do not use phone banking unless your phone device is secure.

Note: To protect customers from loss, all are advised to request the customers to register their mobile for SMS alerts service facility of the bank.

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