Krishi Cards

Can I raise loan under this scheme for activities other than Agriculture ?

Yes, for other rural household requirements such as education, consumable items, medical expenses, etc. up to 25% of the limit or Rs.25,000/- whichever is lower

Do I need minimum qualification to be eligible under the scheme ?


If I have 5 acre of unirrigated land, am I eligible under the scheme ?


Can I take the payment from the other branches also ?

Yes, but within the same district whereas the illiterate cardholders will avail the facility from the issuing branch only

Do I have to pay any additional fee/charge for withdrawing cash from other than the issuing branch ?

Yes, if you withdraw cash from the branch other than the issuing branch a commission @2% is charged and the same is deducted from the cash withdrawn.

If I want to renew my Krishi Card what formalities are required ?

You should approach the issuing branch one month before the expiry of the card with a written request for the same.

Is there any concept of the margin under the scheme ?

For limits up to Rs. 2,00,000/-, the margin requirements are nil. For limits above Rs.200,000/- up to Rs. 3,00,000/-, margin requirement is 10%.

In case of loss of card/passbook what are the formalities ?

Inform the card issuing branch by quickest means and a new card is re-issued on payment of nominal charges of Rs.200/-.

How do you work out the eligible limit ?

The limit is worked out on the basis of your total income from farm as well as non-farm activities, extent of land holding, acreage and average yield of crops grown, price realisations etc

How do I repay the amount raised against the card ?

Aggregate credits into the account during the 12/18 months period as the case may be, should at least be equal to the maximum outstanding in the account. The cardholder will also have to maintain his/her cash credit account in credit balance for at least one week once a year. However, the consumption loan portion shall be adjusted within a period of three years. All the repayments/deposits by the cardholder shall be made at the card-issuing branch only

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