BASE RATE (BR) - 9.25 % ( w.e.f 01.06.2018)

BPLR - 14 % ( w.e.f. 01.05.2012) Existing borrowers have the option to continue with the existing BPLR System till expiry of their existing contract with the bank or shift to the Base Rate System for which they may contact the concerned branch.

lending rate structure for retail segment

Term Premium (TP) of 0.50% is to be added where specifically mentioned

Housing Finance to Individuals including NRIs / Flexible Housing scheme @

S.No. Scheme
A. Under Floating Rate Option BR
B. Under Fixed Rate Option BR+0.50%
C. OD Facility to Existing Housing Loan Borrowers BR+0.50%

The aforesaid rates of interest under floating option will also be applicable in:

  • The fixed rate of interest option of Housing Loans, disbursed on or after 01.08.2006, will be subject to reset clause of five years on all repayment tenors except tenor upto 05 year.
  • Extra 0.50% rate of Interest on card rate will be charged in a/cs in respect of 3rd or subsequent house /flat in case classified under CRE.

Earnest Money Deposit Scheme BR

Personal Loan to Pensioners

Less Than 3 yrs 3 Yrs. & above
Demand and Term Loan BR+2.50% BR+2.00%+TP
Overdraft BR+2.50% BR+2.00%+TP

Loan against mortgage of Immovable Property

Less than 3 yrs
BR+1.65% to BR+5.40% depending on Risk Rating /PNB Score

For Term Loans repayable in 3 years & above, Term premium of 0.50% shall be added.

Concession in Rate of interest will be given on the basis of realizable value of Immovable property offered as security as given hereunder

Available Realizable Value of IP Concession in ROI Concession in ROI
Above 200% & upto 250% of loan amount 0.25%
Above 250% & upto 300% of loan amount 0.50%
Above 300% of loan amount 0.75%%

Car Loan@

base rate system
Parameter Repayment Period Interest Rate
a. floating rate of interest option:
To individuals/ corporate where PNB Score is 60 &above OR where collateral security is available upto 100% orabove in the form of Mortgage of Immovable Property (IP)&/or liquid security for PROSPECTIVE BORROWERS. Up to 7 years BR+0.25%
to women borrowers Up to 7 years BR+0.15%
others Less than 3 BR+0.50%
3 years & above BR+0.50%
fixed rate of interest option:
ALL Up to 7 years BR+0.40%, (Fixed with a reset clause of 3 years)*.

Two-wheeler Loans (PNB SARTHI) @

Less than 3 yrs 3 yrs & above
Salary is being disbursed through the concerned branch and/or under check-off facility BR+3.00% BR+3.00%+TP
Other including Business concern BR+4.00% BR+4.00%+TP

Two-wheeler loan to women (PNB Power Ride) BR+1.50%

Personal Loan@

rate of interest:

For Loans up to Rs.10 lac:

Individuals, whose salary is being disbursed through our branches only (including Defence Personnel)

Base Rate+3%

For Loans up to Rs.5 lac:

Individuals who are availing the loan under check-off facility (including Defence Personnel)
Base Rate +5%
For others up to Rs.5 lac Base Rate +6%

Education Loan

PNB saraswati & pnb kaushal & pnb udaan

Amount of Loan Rate of Interest
Loans upto Rs 4 lac BR+2.00%
Loans over Rs 4 lac & upto Rs 7.50 lac BR+3.00%
Loans over Rs.7.50 lac (where 100% tangible collateral security in the shape of IP, enforceable under SARFAESI Act, and/or liquidsecurity is available) BR+1.00%*
Loans over Rs 7.50 lac Other cases BR+2.50%
Loan for pursuing education from premier foreign Universities and educational Institutes(201) under PNB UDAAN BR

*w.e.f. 01.06.2015, BR+1.00% ROI to be charged for all education loans,irrespective of amount, where 100% tangible collateral security in the shape of IP, enforceable under Sarfeasi act, and/or liquid security is available.

PNB Pratibha

Amount of Loan
Loans up to Rs 20 lac BR

PNB Honhaar (Education Loan Scheme Delhi Government)

Loans up to Rs 10 lac BR+2%

Advance against Jewellery & Ornaments

Productive Purposes for Agriculture UPTO Rs. 10 Lacs BR+1.50%
Productive Purposes (other than agriculture) BR+2.50%
Non-productive purposes Public (Ceiling Rs.10.00 lacs) BR+2.50%
Staff (Non-productive purposes) BR+2.50%

PNB BAGHBAN (Reverse Mortgage Scheme)

Reverse Mortgage Scheme for Senior Citizens BR+2.50%
(Fixed, subject to re-set clause of 05 years)
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