Advisory - Using Debit card at Point of Sale

The Debit Card issued by the Bank can be used for shopping at the Point of Sale (POS). The card holder has to hand over the Debit card to the Merchant for swiping the same on POS terminal. The precautionary measures while using Debit Card at POS has already been circulated vide Security Brochure published by the Bank.

The fraudsters kept changing the modus operandi for duping the customers. One of the modus operandi (as published in leading Daily News Paper) is alluring the customers to make the payment by Debit Card at POS for availing the steep discount. The merchants are not the genuine company in many cases and the POS terminal being used by them are used for cloning the Debit Card.

Vigilance and awareness are the best countermeasure for averting the frauds. We are reiterating below the precautions which a cardholder should take while shopping at POS:

  • While making payment at POS always ensures that the card is swiped in your presence only.
  • Do not share PIN or any security information related details with anyone.
  • Always check Debit card when returned after purchase.
  • Insist for a copy of the receipt and retain it till the account statement is checked.
  • Please assure yourself about the genuineness of the merchant beforehand.
  • The above is not a exhaustive list of precautions and the cardholders are advised to keep themselves alert regarding the latest online threats and countermeasures to avoid them.
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