PNB Passbook Updation Machine (PUM)

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PNB Passbook Updation Machine (PUM)

PNB Passbook Updation Machine


  • Pass book of Saving Fund Accounts can be got updated from the PUM.
  • PUM Self Service Terminal are available at E-lobbies, Digi-Hut, EaseOutlets and Branches.
  • No need to stand in queues for Passbook printing in branch. Customers can easily get their passbook updated at these PUM self-service terminals.
  • Available during extended business hours also i.e. anytime & anywhere.

Usage tips for customers

  • Approach the branch and get the barcode affixed on your passbook
  • Keep the passbook in a covered pouch.
  • Do not fold the passbook.
  • Update the entries at regular intervals.


  • It is FREE of cost.
  • Hassle free updation of passbook any number of times.
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