Fixed Deposit through Internet banking(e-FD)


Schemes Covered (Under e-FD)

  • Applicable to Internet Banking Users only.
  • Customer account must be KYC compliant.
  • For existing customer having operative Saving/Current Account.
  • The mode of operation, nomination & Sr. Citizen preferential rate shall remain the same from which the term deposit is to be funded.
  • Acceptance of terms & Conditions is mandatory prior to issue of E-FD.
  • E-FDs` will be issued to only those wherein the valid PAN document is held in the funded account.
  • Parent Branch has to be visited for loan
  • Auto Renewal facility provided only for the maturity value.
  • Proceeds on maturity (if no auto renewal instructions are given) shall be credited in the account from which FD account is funded or as per mandate of the depositor.
  • Tenor of Deposit would be as per respective scheme as displayed on Banks` website.
  • Rate of interest would be Card rate as applicable to the tenor of deposit as displayed on website, subject to change from time to time.
  • Interest for overdue period
  • Premature withdrawal facility is available through net banking.
  • Nomination will continue to be same as in the funded account.
  • TDS is applicable as per rules. The Bank will issue TDS Certificate for the tax deducted.
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