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  • PNB Pragati Current account scheme

    The scheme empowers business with a cutting-edge solution for all their Banking needs. It unlocks seamless financial management and is tailored for small and medium sized businesses. The key features of the scheme are:
  • • Monthly Average Balance: ?25000/- & ?50000/-
  • • Free monthly cash deposit & withdrawal upto Rs 1.25 Crs
  • • Free Online & Offline transactions*
  • • 100% waiver in upfront fee in HL/VL
  • • Upto 20% waiver in monthly rentals of POS/Sound box
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  • PNB Expert Current account scheme

    The Account is a specialized banking offering designed to cater to the unique financial needs of professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, chartered accountant, architects, and others. This account provides a seamless and cost-effective banking experience, ensuring that professionals can manage their finances efficiently while focusing on their core expertise. The key features are :
  • • Zero minimum balance requirement
  • • Facility to earn interest on surplus fund
  • • Free RTGS/NEFT/IMPS*
  • • Full waiver in Upfront fee for Housing & Vehicle loan*
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  • Current Account through MCA

    MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) will provide primary data (Certificate of Incorporation, PAN No., TAN no., CIN no. etc.) to the Bank for opening of CIF ID and Account Number in the name of company and one Authorized Signatory.
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  • PNB Smart Banking Current Deposit Scheme (SMART BANKING CURRENT ACCOUNT)

    A Current Account loaded with most desirable features, privileges, flexibility and wider choice of variants to cater to the diversified banking needs for any business activity - with or without Sweep-in and Sweep-out facility.
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  • General Current Account Scheme (CURRENT ACCOUNT GENERAL)

    Current Deposit Account is very convenient product for frequent banking transactions by Individuals, Firms, HUF, Companies, institutions etc. There is no limit on number of transactions in such accounts and are most suitable for business operations. The product is available at all branches
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    Opening of Separate Account or Escrow Account (CA as per provision of ‘RERA’ The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016
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    Avail the dual benefit of Current Account & Saving Fund Account under one scheme.
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  • PNB "Current Account-Point of Sale" Scheme

    Avail the benefit of Current account with special concessions under Point of Sale machine.
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